Ethical Standards are followed by ISRDN to ensure the high quality publications & researchers credits for their ideas & tedious research works.

Manuscripts are published or unpublished by other authors are rejected. Using others ideas, words, figures, copying other papers are leads plagiarism articles.Isrdn uses docoloc, plagiarisma & internal plagiarism validations to avoid the overlap of submitted and published articles
Manipulating research data with the intention of giving a false impression. This includes manipulating images (e.g. micro graphs, gels, radio-logical images), removing outliers or “inconvenient” results, changing, adding or omitting data points, etc are falsification Making up of research findings, data or results and recordings leads to fabrication
Submission of articles by anyone other than authors are not considered for contributions. Any author who contributed to the submitted articles intends to relieve from the manusripts & author who additionaly going to contribute to the submitted articles should get prior notice from the publisher else the articles are considered as a rejected.
Manuscripts submitted by the authors are found to include citations to increase the number of citations may incur sanctions.
Authors whose manuscripts are found to have been simultaneously submitted elsewhere or sequentially approached isrdn may incur sanctions. Manuscripts submitted to isrdn journals must not be submitted elsewhere while under consideration and must be withdrawn before being submitted elsewhere.

Reviewers Roles & Responsibility

Isrdn Journals are fully peer reivewed by academic editors and reviewers . We encourage reviewers to help the authors to imporve their manuscripts as high qualified .

Isrdn suggests few specific guidelines for reviewer

  • The language used in the articles is understandable & Clear to review.
  • Did the research Questions are valid
  • The figures , tables, graphs used in the articles are clear & accurate to represents the result
  • Limitations of the research is fullfilled
  • Did the articles includes inappropriate citations
  • The design & methods proposed in the articles answers the research questions
  • Did the articles meet the basic reviewing standards
  • Reviewing process is highly confidential
  • Reviewing reports to be provided without any delay
Editor in Chief

Final Decision is made by the Editor in chief of the journal to publish the manuscript. Rejection may incur based on the reviewers comments.